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Panditji at the mandir is well versed in a number of pujas and practices.  Please stop by the 

mandir and feel free to discuss your particular needs with him.  He is able to perform pujas both at the temple or at your choice of venue.


Please visit our Mandir and offer your services if you are able to assist our priest with the Puja services.  Please review and follow the Prayer Hall Rules and Regulations listed below.

I N D I V I D U A L   P U J A S

Our priest is  happy to conduct a Puja of your choosing, please feel free to book the service below.  You will be contacted via email to confirm your booking.  Please state time in the message space.  

Please note that whilst he is happy to perform pujas out side of the Mandir premises, this will not be possible during the Mandir operating hours on the weekend.

A list of Puja services may be found via this link

P U J A    S E R V I C E    R E Q U E S T

Your request has been submitted successfully

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  • Keep your Temple clean and hygienic. If you bring Milk or other Prasad, please make sure to distribute among devotees and take left overs with you. Please do not leave any Milk or Prasad at the temple.

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the Temple prayer hall.

  • Any trash or garbage generated during the activity must be properly disposed and deposited in the trash bins provided.

  • Parents shall supervise children at all times and make sure that children do not cause any disturbance or damage at the premises.

  • Refrain from private conversations in the prayer hall during services to the God and during all prayers.

  • All devotees must mute or switch off mobile phones when in the prayer hall.

  • No inappropriate or loud music shall be played in the Temple.

  • No footwear are allowed inside the Temple prayer hall.

  • Wear appropriate clothing while visiting the Temple.

  • Please drop donations in Temple Hundi. Don’t keep donations in front of Deities.

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