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Please feel free to contact us.  No issue is too simple or not worth the effort.  Our priest is here to help and listen to you and advise on matters of Hindu rituals and scriptures.  If you have questions of a non-religious nature, please free to contact the committee members listed below.

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We request devotees to respect rules and drive carefully within speed limit (25 MPH) in the temple neighborhood. Also, please watch for kids playing and running around during events and reduce speed of the vehicle to 5 MPH in the temple parking lot.

  • Keep your Temple clean and hygienic. If you bring Milk or other Prasad, please make sure to distribute among devotees and take left overs with you. Please do not leave any Milk or Prasad at the temple.

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the Temple prayer hall.

  • Any trash or garbage generated during the activity must be properly disposed and deposited in the trash bins provided.

  • Parents shall supervise children at all times and make sure that children do not cause any disturbance or damage at the premises.

  • Refrain from private conversations in the prayer hall during services to the God and during all prayers.

  • All devotees must mute or switch-off mobile phones when in the prayer hall.

  • No inappropriate or loud music shall be played in the Temple.

  • No footwear are allowed inside the Temple prayer hall. 9. Wear appropriate clothing while visiting the Temple.

  • Please drop donations in Temple Hundi. Don’t keep donations in front of Deities.

  • Any air conditioning, electrical systems and utilities must not be violated or changed by anyone other than a committee member or members permitted by the Management.

  • No posters, announcements or advertisements shall be placed or displayed without prior permission from the Management.

  • Items should be borrowed or removed from Temple premises only by approval of the Temple Executive Committee.

  • No food items containing meat are allowed in the Temple premises.

  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the Temple premises.

  • No personal or household items should be left in the Temple premises. All items left in the Temple either unsolicited or requested/donated shall be deemed as owned by the Temple permanently and can be used, moved, sold, disposed or discarded in a month after the item was left in the Temple.

  • All non-monetary items or donations require approval by the Temple Executive Committee prior to being placed in the Temple premises.

  • If you notice something unusual in the Temple area, please let the Priest or volunteers know in person or call them. Phone numbers are provided on the Temple website or on the front board.

Tel: +1 (316) 684-1556

Panditji: +1 (919) 518-5785

320 N. Zelta St.

Wichita, KS 67206

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